Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival

We will be at the Tacoma Dome 19 – 22 Oct for the Holiday Food & Gift Festival. We have developed a cranberry salsa for the holidays and hope to have that for this first holiday show. It is less spicy than our other fruit salsas for all to enjoy. Definitely not your typical cranberry sauce & wonderful on roast beef, pork or turkey. We’ll post here, other platforms & our website once we know it will be available.


If you are following the FDA & nutritionists recommendation of no more than 50g of added sugar per day then our tomato-free 100% fruit salsas are a great addition to your cabinet & refrigerator.  Take a look at many of the jellies on the market.  Haven’t you wondered why many of them don’t put nutrition labels on their jars?  Look at the ingredients & many of them have “SUGAR” as the first ingredient.  This is “added sugar” per the FDA definition since it’s not natural sugar from the fruit juice.  We use whole fruit & every jar has over 50% fruit.  Each of our products derives over 85% of the sugar per serving from the fruit & not table sugar.

Take a look at the serving size for these & the majority show 1 tablespoon as a serving size.  How many people actually eat only a single tablespoon?  Our serving size is 2 tablespoons & has far less sugar from added sugar.  In fact the majority of sugar in our serving is from the fruit itself.

Let’s take a look at Trader Joe’s Hot Pepper jelly to compare.
serving size is 1 tablespoon
50 calories
13g sugar
13g carbohydrates
60mg sodium

Our products have either 4g or 5g of total sugar per serving.  Let’s look at our Blues Berry Fruit Salsa.
serving size is 2 tablespoons
25 calories
5g sugar6g carbohydrates
0mg sodium

We don’t add salt to our products either.  We add some agave syrup for the flavor element that adds to the overall flavor profile & to enhance the flavor of the fruit.  But this “added sugar” is a very small part of the sugar per serving.

A more realistic serving size might be 1/2 cup which is 8 tablespoons.  Now look at the Blues Berry Fruit Salsa nutrition info vs. the Trader Joe’s Hot Pepper Jelly nutrition info by multiplying each element by the appropriate number to reach the 8 tablespoons.

Blues Berry total sugar – 20g & 100 calories
Trader Joe’s total sugar – 104g sugar & 400 calories

Run the numbers & you’ll see you can consume an entire jar of one of our products & consume far less calories & sugar than a typical jelly.  Ours can be used just like one of the pepper jellies but with a lot less sugar consumed.

Get some from our website http://www.fruitsalsa.net or http://www.chehalemridgebrands.com……..

Changing Perception

Our products are not the typical fruit salsa.  We want to help consumers change their perception of fruit salsas.  These products are perhaps the most versatile product for your kitchen and cooking.  If you let your imagination run wild you too can imagine some amazing uses to add flavor to a wide variety of foods and drinks.

Try cutting a wheel of brie cheese in half and spreading some of the Blues Berry on one half, placing the other half on top then wrapping in puff pastry dough.  Bake in the oven at 425° for about 20 – 25 minutes or until browned.  Let cool for a few minutes & serve with your favorite crackers.

Thank you for the wonderful comments

We recently attended Oregon AgFest as a vendor & met many wonderful people as vendors & attendees.  One person loved the Hu-La-La Tropical Fruit Salsa & posted comments.  We hope everyone enjoys our 100% fruit salsas as much.  The comments:

“I bought a jar of your Tropical Fruit Salsa at the Oregon Agriculture festival a few weeks ago. It’s absolutely addicting! I should have bought a case! It tastes great with anything. I put it on sandwiches, veggies or meats. In my opinion, Tropical Fruit Salsa should be awarded Grand prize.
Thank you for a healthy, fabulously tastey product! !”

Thank you again for the wonderful comments.

Threw this together for steaks

I didn’t measure much of this rather just threw it together but it was delightful on the steaks we grilled.

1/2 – 2/3 cup Chehalem Ridge Brands Fruit Salsa
about 1/2 medium onion cut to saute
about 1 cup of sliced mushrooms
3 or 4 slices thick sliced bacon
1/2 tsp minced garlic or roasted garlic
1 cup red wine
1 tbsp butter
extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp flour
1/4 cup red wine

I used our Blues Berry Fruit Salsa but you can use any of the 4 varieties we have. Whisk the 2 tbsp flour with the 1/4 cup red wine until smooth. Pre-cook the bacon but not fully cooked. It can complete cooking in the pan. Cut the bacon into pieces – your choice of size. Melt the butter in a saute pan over medium heat & add some olive oil – about 1/4 cup. Saute the onions until they begin to show translucence. Add the mushrooms & bacon & cook until the mushrooms begin to release their juices & they are changing color. Let cook for about 30 seconds to a minute then add the red wine & garlic. Let the wine come to a low boil & continue stirring. Cook & stir for about 1 – 2 minutes to reduce the wine a little. Add the red wine & flour mixture & the fruit salsa. Continue to stir until it begins to thicken. Remove from heat. Spoon over freshly grilled steaks.

People’s Choice Awards at ZestFest 2015 Show

We attended ZestFest 2015 in Irving, TX as a vendor.  On Saturday, the busiest day, vendors are invited to submit one product for the People’s Choice competition.  The people attending the show get an opportunity to sample the products that were submitted and rate them and vote for them.  Results are announced Sunday morning before the show opens.  We were pleasantly surprised to hear our name called as placing first in the salsa competition.  We had submitted the Blues Berry Fruit Salsa as our entry.  It won 1st place in the Salsa Category!  They continued through the list of winners until they got to the Best of Show.  We were preparing for the show when other vendors around us were congratulating us for winning Best of Show for the People’s Choice competition.  It’s very rewarding to receive such an award since it represents the people tasting products and voting for them.  We are very happy to have won this one since it represents people attending the show and potential customers.  Thanks to those who voted for our Blues Berry Fruit Salsa.