Hu-La-La Jamaican Jerk Pork Burgers

Hu-La-La Jamaican Jerk Pork Burgers

1 lb ground pork
8 slices of bacon
Jamaican jerk seasoning
Chehalem Ridge Brands Hu-La-La Tropical Fruit Salsa (Pineapple Mango)
4 King’s Hawaiian hamburger buns
4 slices mild cheddar cheese

Heat your grill for medium to high heat.  While the grill is heating, prep the patties.  Make sure the pork is cold.  Hand mix it in a bowl with the jerk seasoning (2 tablespoons or to taste).  Form the pork into four equal sized patties.  Put them on a plate and refrigerate them for at least a half an hour. Optionally, you can mix the salsa into the meat instead and use the jerk seasoning as a rub during cooking.  Grill the bacon for 2 minutes per side, then set it on a paper towel to drain off excess grease.  Grill the patties, lid down, for 4-6 minutes per side.  After flipping them, top the burgers with the cheese, salsa, and bacon.

Toast the buns on the grill for 30-90 seconds.

Assemble the burgers and serve them up.



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