Singin’ The Blues Crab Cakes

Singin’ The Blues Crab Cakes

This recipe does not include our fruit salsa in the crab cakes.  Rather it is a recipe for crab cakes we like to make & then uses our fruit salsa as the ‘dipping sauce’.

The Pacific Northwest is blessed with Dungeness Crab.  This sweet succulent crab makes wonderful crab cakes.  Most restaurants serve crab cakes with a spicy sauce made of wasabi or hot peppers.  We decided to try these crab cakes with our Blues Berry Fruit Salsa one night and it was wonderful.  We now eat them with Blues Berry Fruit Salsa instead of wasabi based sauces or spicy aiolis.

1/2 lb Dungeness Crab (or your favorite crab meat)
2 green onions diced
2 mini bell peppers diced
1/2 cup mayonnaise (We use Kraft Olive Oil mayo with black pepper)
1 egg
olive oil, grapeseed oil or avocado oil
Chehalem Ridge Brands Blues Berry Fruit Salsa

Place the crab meat in a bowl. Add the egg and mayonnaise and mix well. Add the green onions and mini peppers and mix well but try to retain the lumpy texture of the crab meat. Add about 1/4 cup bread crumbs and mix well. Add breadcrumbs until the mixture just begins to stick together when formed into a patty. You don’t want a lot of bread crumbs as the crab cakes tend to be “doughy”. You want the texture of the crab meat and flavor of the crab meat to come through. Place about 2 tbsp of butter and about2 tbsp of olive oil or other quality oil in the pan. Heat the butter and oil until the butter begins to bubble. Shape the crab cake mixture into the size crab cake you desire and put in the pan. Cook until lightly browned on each side. Remove from pan and place on serving dish. Serve with Chehalem Ridge Brands Blues Berry Fruit Salsa instead of a wasabi based sauce.  We sometimes add wasabi to the fruit salsa for more heat.  You can also add the fruit salsa to mayonnaise & finely minced garlic for a spicy ‘aioli’.